Sheer Attack 7'' Is Out Now!


Sheer Attack is a Thrash/Hardcore/Skater band from Liverpool with old School influences. Arkam is stoked to put out this record and so will you!

For the low price of $4+shipping you can have this gnarly 7'',  blasting out hardcore rock 'n' roll from your turn table!

Check out this RAD skate video from Sidewalk Mag, its a cool vid on its own with Howard Cooke footage ,but its got a track from the Sheer Attack 7" in it too! 

Be sure to check the full write up on it. HERE

Scaredy Cat, Cowboys, Skaters and Your Pest Band. All in Spidder 18!!!

Welcome to Spidder 18... This issue should hit you in the brain like a milkshake with whip cream and cherry.  

Includes an interview of Your Pest Band, from Tokyo and art and photos by K-Day from Yorkshire. Katie Barrier has drawn a few Scardey Cat pages and a sweet Front and back cover. James The Fang has a cool Mini Westernette Cowboy tale through the eyes of a skater.

For just $2 + Shipping you can own this rad zine about music, life,and skate boarding. Made by Jamie and Katie Barrier of the Pine Hill Haints.

New 7'' by Sheer Attack coming soon!

Taking a template that is filthy 80’s Venice Beach hardcore adding a touch of Motorhead a pinch of Thin Lizzy and the raw chops of classic garage like The Stooges and MC5 and your just about there!
— Dave Ballantyne of

Sheer Attack are a new band from Liverpool.

Featuring local Psych monsters Mind Mountain's Bassist Marc Glaysher (Along with Russ on Vox, Broomo on Guitar and Dave on Drums) Marc has also put on some BLISTERING bands in Liverpool including Lecherous Gaze and Dirty Fences!

Here's a early review of the EP: HERE

You can get a taste of them ; HERE

Clarabelle and the Creeps Music Video!

Clarabelle and the Creeps' first music video just hit Youtube! 

Clarabelle and the Creeps' first music video just hit Youtube! Check out their video for their song, I just Wanna Dance.


Clarabelle and the Creeps - The Modern Underground Sound of Muscle Shoals Soul is now out! You can get it in CD or Vinyl.

You can buy them at NAIL distribution, Pegasus Records in Florence Alabama, and Vertical House Records in Huntsville Alabama, or at the store here.



Digital copies will be out soon!


Come and show them some love at their release shows!

Release show at Vertical House in Huntsville Alabama on Dec 18th

Release show at Pegasus in Florence Alabama on Dec 19th

Clarabelle and the Creeps 2nd Album Release!


This is the 2nd release from Clarabelle and the Creeps , a SCORCHER recorded in the kitchen of a random Florence Alabama house by Jamie Sego and Albert Rothstein

...The A-side consists of straight rock and roll, while the B-side is made up of moon light driving heartbreakers...






Alabama Release show at Vertical House in Huntsville,Alabama on Dec 18th

Release show at Pegasus in Florence Alabama on Dec 19th

CD or Vinyl

Your Pest Band /The Invisible Teardrops 7" Split Coming Soon.


Snuffy Smiles, Japanese record label, is releasing a split 7" with two songs from Your Pest Band and two songs from The Invisible Teardrops.

Your Pest Band is a high-energy, lo-fi, Japanese garage punk rock that will kick the door down and drop yer' jaw to the floor.

Copies of "14 eyes/Tonight I will possess your soul" are still laying about. The new teardrop cuts were produced by Jamie Sego at the Black Owl Trading Co, single mic!  fresh with minimal electricity and purely from a bleeding heart.


New Clara Belle and the Creeps LP Coming Soon!!!!

New album coming very soon!!!

Posted by Clara Belle and the Creeps on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The new LP by Clara Belle and the Creeps is on its way, set to be dropped in mid-August...titled "The Modern Underground Sound of Muscle Shoals Soul" a cool sock-hop rowdy A-side backed with a soulful moonlight star gazing B-side...

Black Owl Radio News: Issue #1

Black Owl Radio News!

Welcome, readers, to the official newsletter of Arkam Records and Black Owl Trading! This is where you'll see the latest new deals, merch, music, and other cool things. Enjoy!

What you can find in this issue!

  • The Haints have a split with The Fadeaways from Snuffy Smiles Records!
  • New Shirt from Katie Barrier!
  • Sam's Christmas Video, late but still so awesome!
  • Sneak Peak into a possible new 7"!



Welcome To Issue 1

The Fadeaways / The Pine Hill Haints - Split 7" 

 Snuffy Smiles brings us the glorious sounds of The Fadeaways with the mystery of The Haints. 

Snuffy Smiles Records is from Kyoto Japan. This Record Label has been bringing fine punk tunes from Japan since 1992. 

The Fadeaways are one of the coolest punk bands in Tokyo, Japan. They are garage punk with inspiration from all Era of punk music. They Stomped onto the scene with their fierce tunes and rocked out! 

This Video of a live performance of the Fadeaways is just a taste of what they've got!

Visit their Facebook to show some support.

The Haint's do what they do best; back porch haunts from punk souls. Full Moon Pie is a creepy, haunting piece that will satisfy your crave for a late night snack!


Side A
A1 – The Fadeaways - Get Off My Back 
A2 – The Fadeaways - Lie, Beg, Borrow And Steal 

Side B
B1 – The Pine Hill Haints -Don't Disappear 
B2 – The Pine Hill Haints - Wanderin Star 
B3 – The Pine Hill Haints - Full Moon Pie


    New Shirt Available!


Gray tee with Haint's Blue wolves running through a tall forest. An original design by Katie Barrier. This awesome Tee can be yours for $15.00. Have an awesome New Year with this howlin' shirt. AWWOO!

Serious Sam Barrett Never Loved Christmas, but you'll love his new video! Grab some Hot Chocolate and watch his music video.


Keep a sharp eye because Teardrops just got their test pressing in for their newest 7'! Their first one is almost fully sold out!