THE QUADRAJETS W.F.O is now on vinyl!

Now you can enjoy the rough and rowdy sounds of The Quadrajets spinnin' on your turntable!

Arkam records is re-releasing The Quadrajets W.F.O on vinyl LP format. 




This kind of serves as a best-of of The Quadrajets. If you need more proof to snag this record check out this review from RazorCake Magazine that came out at the time of the CD's release. 


In the mid-to-late ‘90s, there was a resurgence of dirty, hyper-driven blues-based rock’n’roll. And with any unexpected tsunami where money is to be made, the suddenness of its appearance made it somewhat difficult to initially separate the gold diggers from the true shakers. I put the Quadrajets in league with the BellRays and Zen Guerilla. Their sets weren’t based on theatrics as much as catharsis, wasn’t so much lip-puckery strut as maniacal involvement with their instruments. They didn’t have pleads of “testify” for the audience to be believers in what was being lightning-bolted from the stage. This CD is a collection of many of their early Sympathy, Estrus, and Arkam singles. These fine fellows from the South channeled the molten rocks of punk through the forlorn loss of blues, and their music’s well worth keeping in print and remembering. A high water mark of the genre, for sure.  –todd (RazorCake Magazine)