Arkam 78 Col JD Wilkes "Will I See You One Day in Gods Glory Land?" LP


....this is the first full length record the Col has ever made where it is just a banjo and a harmonica and a mic....just like you might see him at a solo show somewhere out in Alabama or backwoods Kentucky, trying to make another performance on the old killing floor, trying to have a good time and make a dollar, crying under the stars...recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama (Sheffield) by the great Jimmy Nutt at his fabulous Nutthouse, JD came in early and worked late, flailing and striking his open backed banjo, as well as his homemade fretless animal skin banjo, blowing the harmonica, screaming, pleading, whispering into the microphone until the cake was made.  Of all of his solo recordings, none feature his weapon of choice, the banjo alone, as well as the harp alone, and his voice (and a stomping Kentucky boot-heel) until this was cut....its another legendary performance from this National Treasure

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