James The Fang and Serious Sam Barrett Tour Dates


15th Coach and Horses, Dronfield, Sheffield for Honey Bee Blues Club
16th Harry's Bar Wakefield
17th The New Inn Cantebury
18th Green Note, Camden, London
19th Topic Folk Club, Bradford.
20th Bloomfield Square, Otley
21st The Flying Duck, Ilkley
22nd The Cricketers Arms Horbury
23rd Caledonia, Liverpool
24th Kwas Huddersfield
25th Major Tom's Social
26th The waiting Room Eaglescliffe
27th Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
28th Roman Lakes, Marple
29th The Lantern, Halifax
30th Chip n Ern Bingley

Serious Sam Barrett and James the Fang release, “Dime Horseshoe” limited run.

Hot off the print wheel, the new Serious Sam Barrett and James the Fang release, “Dime Horseshoe” Arkam is releasing a limited run of the cd here and taking some for the England tour coming up. Art by @katiekat_artattack and screenprinted at the Black Owl Trading Company. Get some! 🦇🔥🐔

The Pine Hill Haints w/Serious Sam Barrett Summer Tour Dates

PHH tour 2019 summer.png


6-Austin, TX at the Half-Step

7-Las Cruces, NM at the Elephant Room

8-Bisbee, AZ at the Courtyard

10-San Pedro, CA at Recess Ops

11-Mariposa, CA at the Grove House

12-San Francisco, CA at Amnesia

13-Blue Lake, CA at the Logger Bar

14-Portland, OR at Misdemeanor Meadows

15-Seattle, WA at Highline

16-Missoula, MT tba

17-Casper, WY tba

Serious Sam Barrett joins the tour, and he will be playing on all remaining shows.

18-Laramie, WY tba

19-Cheyenne, WY at the Bingers Annex

20-Sundance, WY at the Turf Bar

22-306 BBQ in Florence, AL WC Handy Fest

23-St. Florian,AL WC Handy Fest

25- Black Owl Trading Co. with Clara Belle and the Creeps and the Invisible Teardrops

26-Huntsville, AL at Flying Monkey Theater

27-Waverly, AL at Standard Deluxe

28-Dunedin, FL at Dunedin Brewery

29-Lakeland, FL at Ty’s Chop Shop

30-Birmingham, AL at Saturn

31-Pensacola, FL at Chizuko


1-Mobile, AL at Alabama Music Box

2-Dauphin Island, AL at Waves

3-New Orleans, LA at the Circle Bar

Slow Motion Cowboys "Sun Burnt Feather" LP


This is the 3rd release from the Slow Motion Cowboys...its a beautiful record, and it stands drastically apart from any other Cowboy release in its intense honesty and dark nature.  Exiled from the cold foggy SF bay, marooned in the border country of Las Cruces, our young hero Pete Fields continues to keep the serenade magical, reaching deep into the stars and writing one amazing song after another.  It has the lonesomeness of moth flailing away in the headlights, spinning its own pattern and weaving its own tales...it holds the pleasure of worn out boots, scuffed and torn with holes, yet fitting gently on your feet as you dance another waltz with your dream lover.  

Arkam 78 Col JD Wilkes "Will I See You One Day in Gods Glory Land?" LP


....this is the first full length record the Col has ever made where it is just a banjo and a harmonica and a mic....just like you might see him at a solo show somewhere out in Alabama or backwoods Kentucky, trying to make another performance on the old killing floor, trying to have a good time and make a dollar, crying under the stars...recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama (Sheffield) by the great Jimmy Nutt at his fabulous Nutthouse, JD came in early and worked late, flailing and striking his open backed banjo, as well as his homemade fretless animal skin banjo, blowing the harmonica, screaming, pleading, whispering into the microphone until the cake was made.  Of all of his solo recordings, none feature his weapon of choice, the banjo alone, as well as the harp alone, and his voice (and a stomping Kentucky boot-heel) until this was cut....its another legendary performance from this National Treasure

PINE HILL HAINTS WILD WEST TOUR ‘19! With Col JD Wilkes and The Slow Motion Cowboy Pete Fields.



2/1 - Dauphin Island, AL - TBA
2/2 Austin, TX - Half Step
2/3 Flagstaff, AZ - Hotel Monte Vista 
2/6 Las Vegas, NV - Backstage Bar
2/7 Tucson, AZ - Owls Club 
2/8 Bisbee, AZ - Courtyard 
2/9 Truth or Consequences, NM - TorC
2/10 Las Cruces, NM - TBA (*-saloons may or may not root or toot):

Ghost Dance LP released! Now on Arkam!


First recorded in 2006...done in two sessions.  The first was in Olympia Washington at Dub Narcotic by Calvin Johnson, in the old warehouse with the classic 50s graffiti on the back wall, 2 inch tape analog...our van got towed right before the session, causing a huge delay, and our tour mates the Can Kickers from New London Connecticut had a van completely breakdown, thus it led to them being at the session with us.  Founding member Bradley Williams was also there, touring as a one man band (Almighty Do Me A Favor, or ADMF) and he played washtub bass on the songs that Matt Bakula played his banjo.  The Can Kickers can also be heard all throughout the record, most noticeably on such tunes as “You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond”, where Danny Spurr harmonizes and plays his five string banjo.  Lastly, Stolen Pony, a young anarchist folk group from Leitrim Ireland, were with us to because they also were touring the west coast...this led to the collaboration on the old traditional “Raggle Taggle Gypsy.”
After the tour, we went to the Black Owl Trading Co with our old doctor Lynn Bridges and in one evening crushed another 20 songs or so.  It was a magik night to say the least.  Songs from this session comprise half of the Ghost Dance record, half of the Evening Star record, and the Gypsy “Moon Pie” record, as well as a slew of singles and songs in various compilations.
K released the record in 2007.  It went through a few pressings, before coming back to Arkam.

LP Record

The Pine Hill Haints "I Never Thought The Day Would Come..." (Barcelona 10/1/2011)


"Highways and Stop Signs" and "Jack O Diamonds"


This is a release by a small label from the UK, Donor Records...two songs, "Highways and Stop Signs" and "Jack O Diamonds", one recorded in Leeds, England, the other at the Black Owl Trading Co in Florence Alabama....there are only a few copies in stock!  Get them while we have them!

National Record Store Day, Pick up the rad poster


August 12th is National Record Store Day, so pick up that vinyl you've been eyeing and put it under the needle. Katie Kat made a rad poster that you can snag for $10. Come out on August 12th to Pocket Park in Sven Points and dance with The Invisible Teardrops while we celebrate Record Store Day.


......The New Haints Record Is Out!!!!

LP Art Katie Kat   

LP Art Katie Kat


CD Art by Scott Aicher

CD Art by Scott Aicher


The Pine Hill Haints - "Smoke" 

Behind the heat, on the edge of the burning fire, comes the quiet, ghost drifting ash darkly dancing into the night sky...the Haints midnight orchestra united for an evening in Sheffield Alabama and recorded this album of music...spirit of the Buffalo, broken heart, stars above the desert city of El Paso, skateboarding ditches at night, graveyard shovels ringing to prayer driven rhythms...the Haints deliver a fresh batch of stories from the lost southern underground.  art work by Katie Kat; cd art by the great Scott Aicher of San Pedro CA....


THE QUADRAJETS W.F.O is now on vinyl!

Now you can enjoy the rough and rowdy sounds of The Quadrajets spinnin' on your turntable!

Arkam records is re-releasing The Quadrajets W.F.O on vinyl LP format. 




This kind of serves as a best-of of The Quadrajets. If you need more proof to snag this record check out this review from RazorCake Magazine that came out at the time of the CD's release. 


In the mid-to-late ‘90s, there was a resurgence of dirty, hyper-driven blues-based rock’n’roll. And with any unexpected tsunami where money is to be made, the suddenness of its appearance made it somewhat difficult to initially separate the gold diggers from the true shakers. I put the Quadrajets in league with the BellRays and Zen Guerilla. Their sets weren’t based on theatrics as much as catharsis, wasn’t so much lip-puckery strut as maniacal involvement with their instruments. They didn’t have pleads of “testify” for the audience to be believers in what was being lightning-bolted from the stage. This CD is a collection of many of their early Sympathy, Estrus, and Arkam singles. These fine fellows from the South channeled the molten rocks of punk through the forlorn loss of blues, and their music’s well worth keeping in print and remembering. A high water mark of the genre, for sure.  –todd (RazorCake Magazine)