Slow Motion Cowboys "Sun Burnt Feather" lp

This is the 3rd release from the Slow Motion Cowboys...its a beautiful record, and it stands drastically apart from any other Cowboy release in its intense honesty and dark nature.  Exiled from the cold foggy SF bay, marooned in the border country of Las Cruces, our young hero Pete Fields continues to keep the serenade magical, reaching deep into the stars and writing one amazing song after another.  It has the lonesomeness of moth flailing away in the headlights, spinning its own pattern and weaving its own tales...it holds the pleasure of worn out boots, scuffed and torn with holes, yet fitting gently on your feet as you dance another waltz with your dream lover.  

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The Invisible Teardrops “Endless Winter”

Church bells sound on empty streets of a nowhere town....cops prowl and thieves look into dark windows....out of the gloom and wasteland of America come the invisible teardrops with eleven new tunes, music to dance to while ambulance lights flash against the wall...haunted eyes, skating ditches, Mickey Mouse, Waffles and syrup, surfing alone and skeletal cemetery walks, the teardrops bring their second full length, recorded at the Black Owl Trading Company by Grant Walden one cool day in October...

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The Col JD Wilkes

"Will I See You One Day in Gods Glory Land?" LP

....This is the first full length record the Col has ever made where it is just a banjo and a harmonica and a mic....just like you might see him at a solo show somewhere out in Alabama or backwoods Kentucky, trying to make another performance on the old killing floor, trying to have a good time and make a dollar, crying under the stars...recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama (Sheffield) by the great Jimmy Nutt at his fabulous Nutthouse, JD came in early and worked late, flailing and striking his open backed banjo, as well as his homemade fretless animal skin banjo, blowing the harmonica, screaming, pleading, whispering into the microphone until the cake was made. Of all of his solo recordings, none feature his weapon of choice, the banjo alone, as well as the harp alone, and his voice (and a stomping Kentucky boot-heel) until this was cut....its another legendary performance from this National Treasure

LP Record

Ghost Dance

Arkam 76

First recorded in 2006...done in two sessions.  The first was in Olympia Washington at Dub Narcotic by Calvin Johnson, in the old warehouse with the classic 50s graffiti on the back wall, 2 inch tape analog...our van got towed right before the session, causing a huge delay, and our tour mates the Can Kickers from New London Connecticut had a van completely breakdown, thus it led to them being at the session with us.  Founding member Bradley Williams was also there, touring as a one man band (Almighty Do Me A Favor, or ADMF) and he played washtub bass on the songs that Matt Bakula played his banjo.  The Can Kickers can also be heard all throughout the record, most noticeably on such tunes as “You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond”, where Danny Spurr harmonizes and plays his five string banjo.  Lastly, Stolen Pony, a young anarchist folk group from Leitrim Ireland, were with us to because they also were touring the west coast...this led to the collaboration on the old traditional “Raggle Taggle Gypsy.”
After the tour, we went to the Black Owl Trading Co with our old doctor Lynn Bridges and in one evening crushed another 20 songs or so.  It was a magik night to say the least.  Songs from this session comprise half of the Ghost Dance record, half of the Evening Star record, and the Gypsy “Moon Pie” record, as well as a slew of singles and songs in various compilations.

K released the record in 2007.  It went through a few pressings, before coming back to Arkam.


The Dismals 7"

Punk trio from the wilderness of Cherokee Alabama, who recorded 2 songs one dark night at the Black Owl Trading Co with the production of Miles Jordan.  This band has played below the radar on the edges of society for ten years, on the cheap, in the shadows, before putting their music to wax....


The Pine Hill Haints - "Smoke" 

Behind the heat, on the edge of the burning fire, comes the quiet, ghost drifting ash darkly dancing into the night sky...the Haints midnight orchestra united for an evening in Sheffield Alabama and recorded this album of music...spirit of the Buffalo, broken heart, stars above the desert city of El Paso, skateboarding ditches at night, graveyard shovels ringing to prayer driven rhythms...the Haints deliver a fresh batch of stories from the lost southern underground.  art work by Katie Kat; cd art by the great Scott Aicher of San Pedro CA....


James the Fang and Serious Sam Barrett -

"The Dime Horseshoe"

Small towns.  Long stretches of Highway.  Sleeping bags on the floor.  Skateboards scuffed and cut.  Tuning strings and putting pine rosin to the bow.  Camping in foggy woods; drinking black coffee in the houses of strangers.  Singing tunes about life, about love, about the mystery of death.  Bowing the fiddle late at night into the early morning.  Flying on planes and playing for pennies.  Ten more songs, for cowboys, for cowgirls, for kids, recorded simple at the Dauphin Island Alabama Shell Mound house by Niles Jordan.


Gartrells - 7

New Atlanta Rock and Roll outfit from members of Black Lips, Legendary Shack Shakers, Black Linen and The Gaye Blades. R&R, Soul and Garage.

Jared Swilley - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Rod Hamdallah - Guitar and Vocals
Jonah Swilley - Guitar and Vocals
John Kang - Drums and Vocals



Limited Release

Winstons/The Invisible Teardrops - Split 7" 

WINSTONS: Just Another Girl / Sweeter Than The Day Before
THE INVISIBLE TEARDROPS: I Don’t Want to Know / Oh No Way

A Japanese release on legendary punk label Snuffy Smiles, out of Tokyo. The Winstons, from this same city, play a full upbeat style of soul music...featuring Sammy from Teengenerate on bass.

The Invisible Teardrops recorded two songs in the Black Owl Trading Co with Miles Jordan tweaking the knobs, each with the lo-fi Halloween sound.


The Pine Hill Haints - Blue Halloween 7''

Cool weather comes with the fall, as the ghosts and ghouls make their way beneath falling leaves and skeletal trees....introducing the new sad crooner, "Blue Halloween".

 The first recording with Fang-Kitty-Justin-Jr-Stevie haints...a calypso tune makes up the b-side, percussion like bones that jump and dance across the graveyard.

Recorded by Miles Jordan (Hartle Road) at the Black Owl Trading Co, one lost Friday the 13th...


Calvin Johnson and the Snow-Tones 7" 


Two dance heavy cuts tracked analog in Columbus Mississippi by the ice cool Miles...dirty wires lay through dead spiders and dog hair, while the snow fell muted in the window glass...rock-a-billy music done honest and suffocated, modern sounds, and live on the floor...recorded with Toby, Miles, and Maxx (Hartle Road) as well as Fang, JR, and Justin (the pine hill haints) comprising the Snow-Tones


Hartle Road


These Columbus Mississippi boys have been making music together, since their infancy, and this latest selection of recordings, assisted by Lynn Bridges and also self-produced, show just how far they have come.  Dark beats, distorted vocals, machine pulsing bass lines that wash over you like dirty black water..."MAXX" presents a brave, new wave of sound, in a place these kids have yet to wander...a new style that is full of danger and veers on the edges of noise and the unknown. 


Sheer Attack - EP

Sheer Attack is a new band from Liverpool. Featuring local Psych monsters Mind Mountain's Bassist Marc Glaysher, Broomo on Guitar, and Dave on Drums),

Along with Russ the "Midnight Mayor of Liverpool" of  The Cold Ones and Salem Rages fame on Vox. 

Marc has also put on some BLISTERING bands in Liverpool including Lecherous Gaze and Dirty Fences!

“Taking a template that is filthy 80’s Venice Beach hardcore adding a touch of Motorhead a pinch of Thin Lizzy and the raw chops of classic garage like The Stooges and MC5 and your just about there! ”
— Dave Ballantyne of nortbynw.blogspot.co.uk


The Invisible Teardrops


 Small town kids with their backs against the wall. The Invisible Teardrops tell the story of killers and murderers who wait in the shadows...
Recorded at the Nutthouse in Sheffield Alabama by Cody Simmons...
Pulsing downstroke style rock n'roll with a haunted drape blowing across the ten cuts...


CD or LP


Slow Motion Cowboys

"In Exile/On the Mesa"

 The Cowboys hail from the foggy side of San Francisco, veteran pickers of roof tops and benches and back alley fence crooning...
This is part of the continuing tale of Slow Motion Pete as he tells the story of the American SouthWest, born the in the NorthWest, hummed in tune with the vast railway cars dragging across the desert and into the gleaming cities.

CD or LP


Clarabelle and the Creeps

The Modern Underground Sound of Muscle Shoals Soul

This is the 2nd release from Clarabelle and the Creeps , a SCORCHER recorded in the kitchen of a random Florence Alabama house by Jamie Sego and Albert Rothstein...the A-side consists of straight rock and roll, while the B-side is made up of moon light driving heartbreakers.

CD or Vinyl


Your Pest Band/The Invisible Teardrops Split 7" :

  A Snuffy Smiles release, Your Pest Band and The Invisible Teardrops deliver to two song apiece on this garage punk powered 7''.




James the Fang "Follow The Spider-Web Trail" - 7"

Recorded at the Black Owl Trading Co by Jamie Sego. Two new songs by James the Fang  "Follow The Spider-Web Trail" and "How Lonesome Are You" Plus Two traditional numbers "Wolver O' Howlin"(by way of the Can Kickers) and "I'll Be Sixteen" (learned in a nursing home from the great fiddler J.R.Clemmons)







Legendary Shack Shakers  - Go Hog Wild  7"

The boys are back! Recorded at the same time as Arkam #54 (Self-titled EP.) This 7" features Go Hog Wild and Let Me Tickle Your Innards. 




J. D. Wilkes with Charlie Stamper
Cattle in the Cane-CD/LP

The first "solo" recorded in full album format by the one and only Col JD Wilkes of Paducah Kentucky...all traditional fiddle and banjo tunes, featuring the "discovered" in his mid-80s Charlie Stamper...Mr. Stamper comes from a long line of Appalachian/Kentucky mountain fiddle players, his family being field recorded over half a century ago...his brother played with Bill Monroe...Charlie was lost in time after fighting in the Korean War and working a job after he left the army...he began showing up at old time barn dances with his fiddle and was soon found by the Col.J. D. Wilkes..A pure testament to the haunted original pre-radio sound of old time fiddle playing






This contains all 4 tracks from the "can I have your board when you are dead" ep, as well as the haints tracks off of the Japanese split with the Fadeaways, three tunes released in Japan on Snuffy Smiles Records.  There a few bonus tunes as well...one written and sang by Matt Bakula, recorded for the Ghost Dance record on K, and then a fiddle balled titled "do you believe in ghosts?" recorded on Dauphin Island in 2013






Recorded in two sessions in Bradford England at Mutiny Studios...a true folk record, by two skateboarding, hard-touring friends. Contains public domain tunes as well as original compositions, done with the 12 string Stella of Sam Barrett and the Gibson fiddle/Gibson guitar of James the Fang. Released in the UK on vinyl only by Ya Dig records from Leeds England, and on cd in the USA by Arkam.





An early, straight jump blues recording of this hard touring Kentucky group. Harmonica by way of Slim Harpo, Travis style finger picking, this is an early unreleased gem by the dark southern institution known as the Shack Shakers.





Dumb Boys/Beach Baby- 7" EP
Two excellent cuts of Clara Belle singing her doo-wop finest. A scorcher of a record. The unheard-unknown singer of the Muscle Shoals Soul scene.





A group of skateboarding kids from Alabama drove into the backwoods of West Virginia to interview and eat chicken with the great wild hillbilly himself, Hasil Adkins. Sadly, this was to be the last interview Hasil ever made. He died tragically shortly thereafter. The interview was first printed in Razorcake Magazine; it has been re-printed and included with this 7". Hasil also wanted to sing a song, "Leaves in August", and he also talked about all manner of things, including Boris Karloff, vampires, preachers, and con artists...the a-side is the sad lament, the b-side consists of the jokes...a testament to this legendary and amazing piece of American folk music.





Full length record from these girls/guy....power pop and punk rock meets in a perfect blend. A straight, pure dose of simple, to the heart song writing, raw and slightly violent but forever wrapped in a Valentine intensity. Recorded by Jamie Sego and Ben Tanner.